The First Energy Cooperative In Serbia „Sunny Roofs“ Was Founded In Šabac

The first energy cooperative in Serbia „Solar Roofs“ was founded by the citizens in Šabac on November 6th. Public Utility Company for production and distribution of thermal energy “Toplana-Šabac”, Green Energy Cooperative (ZEZ) from Zagreb and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Serbia within the project “Climate Smart Urban Development Challenge” helped to establish energy cooperative.

According to the director of PUC “Toplana-Šabac” Slobodan Jerotić, similar cooperatives already exist in the countries of the European Union and the first cooperative in Serbia is open to all who are interested, regardless of the place they live.

– The initiative came from a desire to show that it is possible to bring together people of similar interests around a good idea. The main goal is to implement a project that offers an alternative solution for municipal energy supply. By using renewable energy sources, in this case, solar energy, it is possible to reduce the use of fossil fuels, heating and electricity costs, but also significantly contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions – says Jerotić.

The cooperative will soon launch an investment crowdfunding campaign for the first project, the installation of a 16.5 kilowatt solar photovoltaic power plant on the roof of the PUC “Toplana-Šabac” administrative building. The investment is estimated at 15,000 euros. Techno-economic analysis and preliminary design have been completed. An application for a construction permit has been submitted through a unified procedure under the Law on Planning and Construction.

The director of “Toplane-Šabac” announces that the first kilowatt-hours of electricity could be produced in the first quarter of 2020. The energy produced from photovoltaic power plants, installed on the roofs of private homes and public buildings, generates revenue from the sale to energy entities engaged in electricity trading or savings if used for their own needs.

We would like to hear your opinion as well. You can fill in the questionnaire (available only in the Serbian Language)  about your interest to invest in the construction of a solar power plant in Šabac on the link