Fund grant competition opened for creating regional startup centers

The Ministry for Innovation and Technological Development has started an open competition for granting funds as part of the Program for supporting the creation of regional innovative startup centers, which amount up to 250 million dinars.

The goal of the program is to systematically enhance the innovative ecosystem through the support of the creation of regional innovative startup centers which will, together with similar centers in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš, provide the necessary conditions and equal opportunities for the realization of innovative entrepreneurial ideas in Serbia.

Organizations from the innovative ecosystem are eligible to apply for the grants (scientific and technological organizations, industrial and innovative parks, incubators, accelerators) and will compete together with their local governments to prove that they have the capacities to open a regional innovative startup center.

The grants are divided into three categories: up to 20 million dinars for the adaptation of space for the regional innovative startup center with the goal of providing the necessary infrastructural conditions for the startups’ business, up to 20 million dinars for supplies in order to provide the technical and technological conditions necessary, as well as up to 6 million dinars for the realization of the program and governing, in order to ensure sustainable business and support the startups.