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September 6, 2018
  • Competition of the Ministry of Environmental Protection for the Green Fun

    The open competition of the Ministry of Environmental Protection for the Green Fund granting of funds through encouraging educational, analytic and developmental studies and projects will last until September 14th 2018.

    The goal of the competition is the development and protection of the environment through supporting studies and projects in the areas of education, development and research, in agreement with the goals defined in Serbia’s strategic documents. Requests for the granting of funds may also be submitted for the co-financing of phases in projects or studies lasting multiple years. The expected beginning of the chosen studies or projects is mid October 2018.

    Only establishments that are in the Science-Research Organization Registry have the right to submit requests, and the total available funds for the realization of the competition amount to 50 million dinars. Those who submit requests may achieve the right to the usage of funds, with the maximum being five million dinars and the minimum being 500 thousand dinars per project.